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Aside from having an incredible winemaking team, excellent vineyards, wine labels and wine, one of our favourite things about Burn Cottage are the down right awesome collection of limited edition T-Shirts. Whether it’s the skull design or the more ‘colourful’ ones (*ahem*), these guys, much like their wines, always make an impact.

What style do you think characterises the pinot of your region?
We have this amazing mountainous region that encompasses extremes and diverse beauty, which is fantastic for growing Pinot Noir .. the look, smell and taste of the wines captures the elements of this unique region and have vibrancy ,structure and complexity.

We are uniquely different to Pinot Noir grown anywhere else in the World..

Tell us three things we need to know about your region?
We are dry…Whilst we measure our rainfall in millimetres .. less then 350mm per year .. Milford Sound which is about 150 km away (as the crow flies) measures their rainfall in metres .. approx. 6.5 per year !!

Jaw dropping, pull the car over, stop what your doing and stare at that “amazing scenery” mountains, valleys, glaciers, forests, snow, sun, rain, rivers, lakes.. you get the picture.

Some of the best cheese rolls in the world!

What’s the one thing we simply must do in your region?
Hike, fish, climb, ski, snowboard, bungee, gold panning, mountain bike, drink pinot noir and eat amazing food, hang out, chill out and breath. Technically not one thing but we do things differently in Central.

When no one is watching, you drink…
Diet bloody coke… ohh the shame of it.

Your pinots are best for…
Who are we to say? If you want to drink Burn Cottage pinot noir, then it’s your call where and when and who you share it with… Just make sure you share it… or not.

If not you, who else should people try?
Well that’s like trying to decide which one of your kids you like more than the others… variety is the spice of life. If you’ve made it to Central try them all.

What song should we listen to when driving to the winery?

What song should we listen to when driving away and onto the next one?

The one song that makes you dance when the beat drops…

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