In December of last year team Pinot Palooza headed to the Peninsula for a two day made trip around the region. We even took with us a film crew to document the journey so we could share our experiences with you.

This is our journey and to make it easy for you to plan, we’ve put together an awesome mpa thanks to our good mates at ALPACA TRAVEL. Even better, is that you can carry the map with you thanks to their awesome app and even betterer (yes, it’s a word), you can save it as an offline map for those travelling OS.

Nailing it guys!


Just an hour out of the city is the Mornington Peninsula. Thanks to its bushland, beaches, golf courses, springs and mazes (yes, there is more than one maze), it’s often thought of as Melbourne’s summer playground. But the truth is, the Peninsula is a year-round destination.

This is largely due to the wineries, which are just as enjoyable in winter as they are in spring. More than 50 cellar doors on the Peninsula equates to more than 50 options for wine tastings, plus there’s breweries, ciderhouses, and a range of restaurants – from the casual to the formal – to eat at, too.

Like France’s second-most famous wine region, Burgundy, the Peninsula’s specialties are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, although Pinot Gris, Grigio and Shiraz are becoming more prevalent.

As it’s so close to home, the Mornington Peninsula is always our first port of call when we’re craving a winery experience. We have drank, eaten, and spent time at all the wineries and cellar doors on this list, and wholeheartedly recommend each and every one of them. If it’s there, then we love it.

We’ve even put together some tried-and-tested itineraries, plus our wraps of the best places to eat, taste and stay.

We hope you love the Mornington Peninsula as much as we do.


Before you plan any day trip or weekend, you need to figure out where to stay and, as far as were concerned, EAT! Below was our journey as well as a list of our favourite places to eat and stay whilst we’re there.


There is no short of incredible wineries in Mornington. Below are handful of our favourites and our experience at them. Are we missing one? TELL US!