Delicate and finicky, pinot noir is a tough grape to grow. Even when conditions are climactically perfect, there are a myriad of things that can challenge even the best and bravest of vignerons. For a long time, the best examples of pinot noir were being produced in Burgundy, France – the region considered to be the varietal’s spiritual home – and while there’s no denying that Burgundy still produces brilliant wines, it’s no longer the only wine region doing so.

Temperate climates in regions in Australia and New Zealand – such as the Mornington Peninsula and Central Otago – make them perfect for growing pinot noir grapes. The unique terroir of each means they’re producing their own unique expressions of pinot noir too.

It’s not just Australia and New Zealand that are making excellent pinot noir. The United States, particularly on the West Coast in regions like Santa Barbara, Sonoma County and Oregon, is producing wines that would give Burgundy a run for its money.

Much like music, it all comes down to a question of style and what you like.

Here, we explore just a few of the regions globally that are growing and making some world class pinot noir, in true Pinot Palooza style, of course


Australia is a big country so, as you can imagine, the styles of pinot noir that you find here are as varied and diverse as the people themselves.

There’s light and ethereal examples from the Yarra Valley, fuller flavoured from Mornington, super fresh styles from Tasmania, the wildness of the Adelaide Hills and everything else in between.

Australian pinot noir is getting better and better and, with around 15 different regions producing excellent quality examples, there is much to explore.

So check out each state for its individual regions, styles and producers.

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Our bros across the ditch make some pretty tasty pinot noir. Add to that, it’s full of beautiful green hills, spectacular mountains, pristine air and awesome people.

Pinot noir may come second to sauvignon blanc in terms of plantings and export volume, but we reckon it’s the jewel in their vinous crown.

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France is your friend who comes for tea, eats your biscuits, rearranges your furniture and tells you your pants are looking tight, but still you find her totally captivating. She’s so damn charming that even her flaws are endearing.

In the wine industry, France is considered ground zero. Sure, it makes its share of crappy table wine, (so does everywhere else!), but what France does best is deceptively simple: puts the focus on place and origin.

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America’s a big place. We could do an entire feature on the wine regions of the USA, but by way of an introduction, we’re starting with those on the West Coast. As Pinot Palooza expands into the country in 2019, we’ll delve much deeper.

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At first glance, this print looks like camo.
But there’s actually method to our madness.

As we grow, and the more cities and countries we expand into and wine regions who join us, the more we want our branding to reflect that.

If you look closely, you’ll see each of the shapes on this print represents one of world’s pinot noir producing wine regions, and the depth of colour is indicative of the weight of the wine that the region tends to produce.

Makes sense now, right?